Central Florida Pool Fence

Pool Fence Gate Options


Gate Options (Manual Opening vs Self Closing Gate):

Traditional Manual Opening
All pool fence installations include the traditional manual opening unless you opt for the Optional Self Closing Gate. The safety fence is a tension based system and comes in 15' sections with posts spaced every 3'. Where one section ends and another one begins, you will have two posts right next to each other. The two sections are attached with a piece of hardware. To enter the pool, with one hand you will squeeze the two posts together and with the other hand you will undue the clip - this will release the tension. In the area where the steps go into the water (where you will access the pool), the installer will drill two extra holes in your deck. These are called your drawback holes.

After undoing the clip, lift up the post on the left and pull it to the left. There will be a "drawback hole" to insert the post it. Do the same with the other post and pull it to the right. Insert it in the "drawback hole" on the right side.  This will function as your opening which will be 3' to 6' depending on whether you open one or both of the posts. 

Below you will find two photo albums:
The first showing the "traditional manual opening" and the bottom showing the "Optional Self-Closing Gate."

Optional Self Closing Gate

Life Saver’s Optional Self-Closing, Self-Latching, Spring Loaded Gate utilizes a square frame that can support itself with or without the pool fence. It is totally removable or it can be permanently anchored. The gate is constructed of 1¼” aluminum square stock with a strong 1/8” wall. The welded finished product is powder coated in black with black Textilene™ mesh – the strongest available. Self Closing Gates are optional and offered at an additional charge.