Central Florida Pool Fence



Drowning Is Preventable!

At Life Saver Pool Fence of Central Florida, we believe in Layers of Protection when it comes to pool safety. 

How can you protect your swimming pool, yard and pool area?

*Direct Adult Supervision
*Pool Safety Fence
*Swim Lessons
*Pool Alarms
*CPR Training

Drowning Statistics

Did you know.........

69% of the drowning incidents occurred while one or both parents were responsible for supervision.
10% were adults other than the parents.
*14% were with sitters.
*7% with siblings
65% of the drowning incidents were in a pool owned by the child's family.
22% at a relatives
11% happened at a neighbor's.
77% of the children had been seen 5 minutes or less before being missed and subsequently discovered in the pool.

Where were they last seen?
*46% were last seen in the house prior to being found in the pool. 
Of these, 15% were thought to be sleeping.
*23% were last seen in the yard, porch or patio, not in the pool area. 
That's a total of 69% that were thought not to be in the pool area.
*31% were last seen in the pool or pool area.
*39% of the people responsible for supervising the child were doing chores.


  • Keep a phone at poolside
  • If a child is missing, check the pool first
  • Parents, guardians and babysitters should know how to institute CPR or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation immediately and how to call for emergency personnel
  • Periodically review your pool safety system for defects and age appropriateness